The Garden Café, Music House & Shop

OPEN HOURS October – December 2021:

OCTOBER   30-31/10    1 pm – 4 pm

NOVEMBER   13-14/11    1 pm – 4 pm

Saturday 27/11    1 pm – 4 pm   (Sunday 1st Advent closed)

DECEMBER    4 – 5 / 12    1 pm – 4 pm

11 – 12 / 12    1 pm – 4 pm

18 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 22 /12    1 pm – 4 pm

Shop from the complete katarinahamilton design products, a selection of teas from Kränku, Gotland and plenty of lovely icecream from Kling Glass. Have a Swedish Fika, outdoors or indoors, we bake our own cinnamon buns and lovely saffron pancake served with whipped cream and home made jam.

Our Garden Café, Music House and Shop are open for planned or spontaneous visits. We follow the official temporary recommendations. Visitors are offered hand desinfection at the entrance and at the counter indoors. The tables in the café are placed with safe distance.

If you want to make a pick-up order – have a look-around in our webshop, make your picks, call us, order and come and pick it up outdoors. We’ll pack it and bring it out to you. Safe and sanitized handling of  both goods and payments. More to choose from: We’ve got assorted tea from the Swedish independent tea- and coffee-house Kränku and lots of luscious icecream from Kling Glass, a Swedish independent icecream maker factory with long traditions and fresh cream in all the recipes.

In our Music house we have one of the largest privately owned pipe organs in Scandinavia together with a Steinway grand piano and other instruments. Welcome to have a coffee in this unique atmosphere. Professional musicians are welcome to play on the instruments, tell us first and we give you a short introduction to them.

Here you find us:

We are situated at Dalarö, 35 min drive south-east of Stockholm. Here is the heart of our business and in 2019 we opened our Shop & Café. Find the whole ranges of our lovely cards Swedish dishcloths, handprinted textiles and more. Enjoy a coffee and a homebaked Swedish cinnamon bun (yes, they are baked by Katarina herself!). Sit indoors (well spaced) or outdoors in the garden. If you like stunning gift-wraps you’ve come to the right place, we love the mixing and matching from our wide range of colours on papper and string to make the perfectly personalized present.

We accept cash and card payments. HAND SANITIZERS offered both outdoors and indoors. Guest parking. Wifi

WELCOME!   Katarina & Co   •   +46  (0) 76 – 870 31 00

Dalarö is a must-visit village on the edge of the Stockholm Archipelago with a dazzling history. Allow yourself some extra time and visit the famous beach, the picturesque harbours, take walks along sights of the baltic, islands, gardens and wooden houses in abundance. And, who knows who you will bump into – Dalarö is appreciated by many celebrities as a favourite hide-away and recharge spot on the globe since centuries.

Homebaked & Sweden made


Adress: Björkövägen 3, Schweizerdalen, DALARÖ

Phone: +46 768 703100

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